Join the Local Realty team and benefit from larger commissions, greater autonomy and an endless supply of relevant resources. Local Realty represents the new age of real estate sales in Tweed Heads and abroad, providing online assistance and advice, without the associated red tape and workplace regulations. Become a Local Realty real estate agent and join the local real estate revolution.

The Local Realty Difference

At Local Realty, we do things a little differently. Instead of being stuck in the past and relying on formal methods of analysis, evaluation and sales, we have created an all-encompassing space to manage all your resources. Our HUB platform offers you a one stop operating system for all types of sales. You will be able to track and manage your listings all the way through the sales process, from your initial meeting with your client through to settlement.

Earn More Commissions

Most experienced sales professionals are accustomed to receiving a severely reduced sales commission, due to the split between them and their accompanying office. The result is that the average sales person receives only 45% of the total commission, despite doing 100% of the work. At Local Realty, we want to offer you an alternative. With us, you will receive double the commission for the work you do, while still having access to a cornucopia of resources and assistance.

Providing Everything You Need

With our HUB platform, you will have access to the finest software and online tools on the market today. Our HUB platform provides our real estate agents with a full range of sales and marketing features that will help you better service your clients. You will have the ability to create a CMA report, flyers, brochures, e-newsletters and other marketing tools.

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